Email Services

Email Services: Email Hosting, E-mail Defense, Message Archiving and Web Defense

Our State of the Art Email Services include:

    1. Microsoft Secure Cloud-Based Hosted Exchange Solutions

E-mail, collaboration and scheduling tools are critical to the success of almost any business. Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) lack the IT budget or in-house team required to implement and maintain the sophisticated messaging hardware and software they need. With Plaza Dynamics Cloud-Based Hosted Exchange Server, we give our customers access to enterprise-grade communications solutions built on multi-million dollar infrastructure. Access email from any device, anywhere in the world.

Why Microsoft Cloud-Based Hosted Exchange?
As the most popular e-mail and collaboration platform avail- able for business use, Microsoft Exchange helps businesses communicate better with their partners and customers, and boosts employee productivity. Rather than investing in all the required hardware and soft- ware, Microsoft Cloud-Based Hosted Exchange allows SMBs to enjoy all the productivity and collaborative benefits of an Exchange environment without the frustrations of managing it in-house.
Full Collaboration Functionality
The Microsoft Cloud-Based Exchange Server is used by the majority of large corporations for e-mail, calendars, contacts and files. Plaza Dynamics provides the latest version – Exchange – as a hosted service to power the full range of collaboration functions, including shared calendars, contacts and files. Plaza Dynamics’s hosted solution supports desktop applications, cloud-based e-mail with Outlook Web Access (OWA), and a variety of wireless devices, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.
What Is Included with Plaza Dynamics Cloud-Based Hosted Exchange?

      • OWA
      • Enterprise-grade hardware
      • 24/7 support
      • 99.999% SLA
      • Five Tier-4 datacenters with redundant power, cooling and network connections
      • Regular backup
      • Antivirus, antispam
      • Mobility options
    1. E-mail Protection: Comprehensive protection against spam, worms, viruses, malware, ransomware, e-mail attacks and more cyberthreats. Works at the network perimeter to identify, quarantine, block and strip suspect e-mail messages before they can enter the messaging infrastructure. Flexible, easy to use and requires no upfront hardware or software implementation.


Spam blocking

      • Stacked Classification Framework system blocks
        over 99 percent of spam
      • Suspect messages are deposited into an external
        quarantine for future handling if desired

Virus and worm scanning

      • Our proprietary WormTraq® worm detection
        technology identifies and intercepts zero-hour
        mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a
        corporate network
      • Includes virus protection, automatically updated
        and managed

Fraud protection

      • Anti-spam rules automatically protect businesses
        from fraud and phishing scams
      • Around-the-clock monitoring provides proactive
        defense against the latest phishing attacks

Content and attachment filtering

      • Automatic filtering identifies and blocks
        unwanted, inappropriate, and malicious content
        in body copy and attachments before it enters or
        leaves your organization
      • HTML shield blocks intrusive spam beacons and
        web bugs

Email attack protection

      • Unique record masking technique conceals email
        servers from the public Internet
      • Provides instant blocking of denial of service and
        other SMTP-based attacks

Reputation-based security

      • Uses Trusted Source global reputation
        intelligence to eliminate threats as soon as
        they appear
      • Allows administrators flexibility to classify spam,
        ham, and quarantine queues with a great deal of
        accuracy, virtually eliminating false positives

Outbound message filtering

      • Protects corporate integrity by preventing
        distribution of sensitive or proprietary information
      • Includes option to add footer or disclaimer to all
        outbound messages

Email disaster recovery

      • Fail Safe Service engages automatically whenever
        connectivity to your email server(s) is lost due to
        planned or unplanned outages
      • Includes five rolling days of storage to ensure
        you never lose an email due to an outage
    1. E-mail Encryption: Safeguard confidential data and enable customers to maintain compliance with regulations requiring encryption of sensitive data.

Email Encryption Technology Made Simple

McAfee SaaS Email Encryption is built with trusted and proven standards-based encryption technologies. It removes the difficulty of installing and managing current solutions and is easy to use. Encryption technologies used include: PKI, S/MIME, X.509 certificates, 3DES, AES-256, and 1024-bit RSA keys (with MDS and SHA-1 encryption algorithms). The encrypted message web portal utilizes 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL).

    1. Message Archiving: Allows businesses to store, monitor and retrieve all inbound, outbound and internal e-mails for compliance or general storage/retrieval purposes.

McAfee® SaaS Email Archiving is your answer to reducing email storage and management costs, satisfying e-discovery and compliance needs, and protecting your business and employees. By adopting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, you virtually eliminate management burdens while ensuring safe, simple, cost-effective retention of inbound, outbound, internal, and even historical email. Anytime you need to find a particular message-or even thousands of messages-the precise information you’re looking for can be at your fingertips in just seconds.
Benefits Include:

      • Complete protection for your business reputation, your data, and your employees
      • Fast, affordable, simple archiving and retrieval
      • Technology made simple for you and your team
      • Achieve and document compliance the easy way
      • Get the most value for your archiving time and money
      • Bring your historical data onboard
    1. Web Protection: Protects customers by blocking web-based threats like spyware, keyloggers, viruses and phishing attacks at the network perimeter. Allows category- and content- based control over unauthorized Web surfing.

It’s clear that the Web has opened the door to infinite business opportunity. At the same time, however, it has created a swift entryway for infection, malicious infiltration and corporate risk. McAfee offers proactive protection against emerging web-based malware attacks with SaaS Web Protection. With our simple, feature-rich perimeter protection, you gain effective and economical control over unauthorized, unproductive workplace Internet access and bottom line cost savings.


    • Creates a more safe and secure network
    • Savings comes standard with our security
    • Automatic protection eliminates uncertainty
  1. Endpoint Protection: Provide essential protection for endpoints–blocking viruses, spyware, web threats and hacker attacks with a solution that is easily managed via the online McAfee Security Center.
  2. Email Inbound Filtering from McAfee offers far more than traditional spam prevention. It provides businesses with complete inbound email security using a combination of proven spam filters, our leading anti-virus engine, fraud protection, content filtering, and email attack protection. Our simple-to-administer service identifies, quarantines, and blocks suspect email messages in the cloud, before they can enter your organization’s messaging infrastructure.
  3. Email Intelligent Routing option from McAfee helps you manage merged email systems efficiently and cost-effectively. This robust in-the-cloud service helps simplify email administration and domain management, lower capital and operating costs, and keep your corporate brand intact.
  4. McAfee® SaaS Email Protection and Continuity is a cloud-based solution that blocks more than 99 percent of spam, viruses, and fraudulent messages before they reach your network. It also enforces your policies on the content of outgoing mail, both in the email body and any attachments. And in the case of a planned or unplanned outage, this service enables continuous web-based email access, management, and use.
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