Server Virtualization, Hosted and Managed by Certified Experts

Traditional servers are limited by the fact that they are designed to run only one application and operating system at a time. However, server virtualization can provide a remedy, thus preventing businesses from having to deploy multiple servers running at minimal capacity at the same time. Server virtualization allows businesses to run multiple applications and operating systems at the same time to optimize server use, deploy workloads faster, increase performance, and availability, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

Use server virtualization to cut hardware costs and accelerate deployment. Server virtualization divides a physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs) by separating the compute environment from the hardware layer. Because each VM can run its own operating system and applications, virtualization reduces the need for additional server infrastructure and provides a cost-effective way to deliver different types of services. Our private clouds use server virtualization to host your servers and data.

Now is the time to increase the efficiency of your IT systems and workflow. Virtual desktops and servers are no longer geared toward tech enthusiasts and enterprise-size businesses. Small and Medium businesses can leverage the numerous potential benefits of server virtualization as well which include:

  • Infrastructure consolidation using virtual servers to minimize the need for physical hardware.
  • Building demo and test environments at minimal cost.
  • Aiding backup, resilience, and disaster recovery.
  • Cost reduction
  • Quick deployment
  • Risk reduction
  • Uptime improvement

Server virtualization is ideal when security, efficiency, and performance are critical. Below are some features:

Easily spin up VMs in minutes Consolidate servers and DCs for cost savings Address compliance requirements
Agile Test/Dev environments Replicate systems using software Built-in backup and recovery

Plaza Dynamics supports the following server virtualization platforms:

VMware vSphere® Microsoft® Hyper-V®
VMware vSphere features such as HA, vMotion and DRS work together to support your applications’ performance. Microsoft Hyper-V offers the efficiency of virtualization along with built-in backups and geographical redundancy.
Powered by dedicated hardware
Run multiple virtual machines per physical host
Create, customize, clone and provision VMs via an easy-to-use web control panel
Backed by VMware-certified professionals with 15+ years of managed hosting experience
Included with Windows, so no fee for unsupported VMs
Flexible options for managed VMs
Support workload continuity and quick recovery
Automated end-to-end deployment
Backed by Microsoft technical certifications with 15+ years of hosting experience
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