Managed IT Services - Monitor Manage Maintain

Proactively maintain the health of your Atlanta IT Infrastructure for a flat monthly fee – It’s that simple!.

Downtime, inaccessible resources, and interrupted communications equal lost sales, lost customers, and lost productivity – something no organization can afford and what every IT department works hard to avoid. Rely on Plaza Dynamics Atlanta Managed Network and System Monitoring service to proactively monitor, alert and recover your critical applications and infrastructure equipment.

Don’t Struggle With IT, Focus on Success!!

Our Managed IT Service and support Atlanta is designed for those organizations that want to pay a predictable monthly amount for IT Service and Support with no surprises whatsoever. You will get Atlanta Proactive IT Management and Support 24x7x365 from our Network Operation Center (NOC) to ensure your critical business processes, applications, data and devices are all operating optimally.

What will you get? – Complete System Monitoring

Our service items include:

  • Network & Server Management
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Desktop & Device Management
  • Managed Security
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Uptime monitoring on critical applications
  • Databases and infrastructure equipment availability, and responsiveness

Additionally, we monitor performance quality of the following:

    • Microsoft Windows Server®
    • Microsoft® Exchange
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • VDNS & DHCP
    • Oracle® SQL
    • Hewlett Packard® servers
    • Dell® servers and networking equipment
    • Most Routers & firewalls
    • Most Switches & Access Points
    • Anti Virus efficiency
    • Back-up power protection systems
    • Environmental monitors
    • Memory, bandwidth, disk space, CPU & battery

Get Alerts in Real Time Because…

      • Quality of service degrades
      • A predefined content pattern is identified
      • Thresholds are exceeded
      • Failures occur

Plaza Dynamics regularly emails Easy-to-Read reports that provide useful, detailed information about your network equipment’s performance and reliability. Reports include sensible recommendations for resolving urgent network security and performance issues and, if requested, suggestions for improvements. These reports are automatically sent via email at the interval of your choosing.

Our reports include:

      • A summary of your overall risk score, with easy-to-follow charts identifying problem areas, vulnerability and conflicts
      • Best-Practices Deviation Report of pressure-point issues that warrant investigation
      • Inventory of network devices (routers, printers, PCs, servers and more), including rogue devices operating without your knowledge
      • Network access weaknesses (e.g. outdated permissions or insecure passwords)
      • Inventory of installed applications
      • Inventory of servers (Web, Exchange, SQL) and recommendations for better configuration and management
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